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Cupping Therapy

A Prophetic Sunnah and a fundamental branch of prophetic medicine used by ancient Egyptians and ancient Chinese medicine.

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Swedish Massage

(Relaxation Massage), Eliminates physical tension and pain, Gives a comfortable feeling, Eliminates stress after work.

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Ayurveda Massage

(Relaxation Massage), Improves blood circulation, Overall body relaxation, Promotes a good mood, Urges a good sleep.

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Chinese Massage

Emotional stress can be removed, Renews energy, vitality and strength, Reduces blood pressure, Regulation of body hormones.

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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is one way to treat the body naturally and in a safe and chemical-free way. It is an effective and advanced treatment...

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It aims to restore vitality of the body and mind. It helps get rid of exhaustion, and allows the body mental and physical relaxation.

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A complementary medical practice combining traditional and psychological medicine with alternative or complementary therapies.

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Physical therapy is concerned with identifying and improving the quality of life and mobility within the areas of prevention, treatment...

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Caring Technologies For Your Special Health Service

Al Rahma Center provides special treatment using special equipments with specialized doctors and professional practitioners of the highest quality of care and satisfaction to provide safe treatment without side effects.

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